Squash Blossom Quesadillas

  • 4 squash blossoms
  • 8 corn tortillas-6” round
  • 1 cup Shredded Jack or Mozzarella Cheese
  • As needed extra virgin olive oil
  • To taste salt and black pepper

Clean the squash blossoms by removing the stem and any lower green leaves. Remove the stamens or pistils from the center of the flower. Briefly immerse in cold water to remove any dirt and quickly drain, shaking out any excess water then lay out on paper towels. Separate the blossom petals and tear into about 1” wide strips lengthwise. Reserve.

Preheat a griddle on medium heat to about 325°F. Place 8 tortillas on the griddle. Brush the top (side facing you) of each tortilla with a thin coating of the olive oil. Cook for about 1 minute, just to heat up. Flip four of them over so the oil side is facing down. Add half of the cheese over the four tortillas you just flipped over. Top with the reserved squash blossoms, laying out evenly. Sprinkle salt and pepper lightly over the squash blossoms and add a tiny drizzle of olive oil. Top with the remaining cheese. Add the remaining tortillas to the top, putting the oiled side facing up.

After about 1-2 minutes on the griddle, once the bottom layer of cheese starts to melt, flip over and cook the other side until the tortilla becomes slightly crisp and that layer of cheese melts. Cut each into wedges, serve immediately and enjoy! Recipe serves four.

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