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Only in CT: New Britain Company Creates 2020 Themed Soda

"Well when life gives you lemons, what do you do? You make lemonade right?"

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As we count down the days to a sweeter new year, a local soda company is saying “cheers” to all we’ve been through as a community.

Avery’s in New Britain is bottling a special soda to mark the historic year. They’re calling it, “I Survived 2020.”

It’s a bitter lemonade.

“Well when life gives you lemons, what do you do? You make lemonade right? So this is a bitter lemonade right? Because it’s been a tough year,” said Avery’s general manager Rob Metz.

The label includes some of the momentous moments of the past 12 months,

“From the wildfires to the protests, the hurricanes, we even have murder hornets on the label.”

Avery’s called on Lebanon artist Dori Dougal to bring their label to life.

When she heard their thoughts for the design, “The idea was, yes!”  

This is one of a handful of labels she’s stirred up for the soda company.

“It’s nice to help a Connecticut business.”

Her husband added color to the caricatures and some critique too,

“A second opinion like people do with doctors,” said Bill Dougal, who features the couple’s art on  

During this slow year of sketching, they were thrilled for the task and thirsty to support a fellow small business too.

“As bad as this year’s been, everybody still wants to remember it,” said Metz.

Since its debut, the soft drink has been a hydrating hit. Lots of locals are ready to toast to a much brighter new year.

In the thick of hybrid learning, the Therriens of Berlin had to try it out.

“The schools closings I thought was funny,” said high school senior Connor.

“It was a really interesting year, so I thought it was really funny,” said his sister Kelsey.

“We’ll ring in 2021 with the ‘I Survived 20’ pandemic drink which will be kind of fun,” said their father Brandon.

Bottles can be purchased for $1.50 each at Avery's on 520 Corbin Avenue, New Britain, CT.

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