• 14th Street Sep 22, 2020

    30-Year-Old Man Arrested in Connection With Manhattan Subway Derailment

    A 30-year-old Bronx man has been arrested in connection with the Manhattan subway derailment that led to extensive delays and injured three passengers Sunday, the NYPD said. Demetrius Harvard is charged with reckless endangerment, assault, trespassing and criminal mischief for allegedly throwing construction debris — left unattended by the MTA — onto the northbound A track at 14th Street shortly…

  • 14th Street Sep 21, 2020

    NYC Subway Service to Resume After Suspect Derails Train With Debris, Injuring 3

    A northbound train jumped the tracks while entering a Manhattan subway station after hitting debris thrown onto the tracks prior to the train’s arrival, authorities said Sunday. The front car of an A train came in contact with debris causing one of the train’s wheel to leave the track and scrape several columns that separate the north and southbound...

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