• traffic alert Jul 11

    Serious Accident Shuts Down Road in Broad Brook

    A serious accident is causing road closures in the Broad Brook section of East Windsor. Police said the crash happened in the area of 96 East Rd. between Hemlock and Sullivan Farms Roads. Drivers are being asked to avoid the area, as it will be closed for an extended period of time. No additional information was immediately available.

  • Broad Brook Jun 13

    3 Injured in Car Crash in Broad Brook

    Three people were injured in a car crash in the Broad Brook section of East Windsor Sunday afternoon. Fire officials said they are at the scene of a head-on collision at the intersection of Windsorville Road and Apothecaries Hall Road. Crews said they are tending to three injuries from the crash. Drivers are being asked to avoid the area while…

  • East Windsor May 13, 2020

    Crews Knock Down Fire at Skylark Airport Property in East Windsor

    Emergency crews battled a fire at an outbuilding on the Skylark Airport in East Windsor property Tuesday. The Broad Brook Fire Department said hoarding conditions inside the storage building meant the fire required extension overhaul to bring it under control. Lack of water access in the area also complicated the call. Despite the challenges, no injuries were reported. The fire…

  • East Windsor Dec 11, 2019

    2 Hurt in Dog Attack in Broad Brook

    Two people were hurt in a dog attack in the Broad Brook section of East Windsor Wednesday, according to police. Officers were called to a home on Lindsay Lane. Police said a young man who lives there provoked the dog to attack. It bit the man’s mother and girlfriend. The injuries are minor, according to police. The animal control...

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