• connecticut lottery September 25, 2023 1:50 pm

    Cash5 ticket won $100,000 Saturday night

    There was a $100,000 Cash5 winner Saturday night. The winning numbers were 7-16-22-23-26. The winning ticket was sold at North Haven Petro in North Haven. This is the 39th Cash5 jackpot winner this year.

  • CT Lottery September 21, 2023 10:49 am

    Cash5 player wins $100,000 jackpot

    Someone won the $100,000 Cash5 Wednesday night, according to the CT Lottery. The winning numbers were 7-9-20-22-26 and the ticket was sold at the Airport Sunoco in East Granby. This is the 38th time someone has won the jackpot in the state this year.

  • connecticut lottery May 9, 2023 12:32 pm

    Two $10,000 Mega Millions Winners in Connecticut

    There were two $10,000 Mega Millions winners in Connecticut Friday night. The winning numbers were 16-18-28-42-43 and the Mega Ball was 11. The two $10,000 winners matched four numbers and the Mega Ball but did not have the Megaplier.   The next Mega Millions drawing is Tuesday night and the estimated jackpot is $83 million.

  • connecticut lottery May 1, 2023 10:38 am

    Someone Won $100,000 Cash5 Jackpot Sunday Night

    There was a $100,000 Cash5 winner in Connecticut Sunday night. The winning numbers were 3-4-14-29-30. The winner matched all five numbers. The ticket was sold at Stop & Shop at 1739 Ellington Road in South Windsor. This is the 17th time someone has won the Cash5 jackpot this year.

  • Powerball April 20, 2023 10:03 am

    There's a $150,000 Powerball Winner in Connecticut

    If you played Powerball Wednesday night, check your ticket or tickets. Someone who bought a ticket in Connecticut won $150,000. The winning numbers were 4-11-21-38-64 and the Powerball was 11. Powerplay was 3x and the ticket that won $150,000 had Powerplay. No information was immediately available on where the ticket was sold. The ticket that won the $250 million jackpot…

  • connecticut lottery January 2, 2023 10:35 am

    $100,000 Cash5 Winner in CT on New Year's Day

    Someone who played Cash5 in Connecticut on New Year’s Day is starting the year as the winner of $100,000. The winning numbers of the Jan. 1 drawing were 2-14-20-25–31 and the winning ticket matched all five. Learn more about Cash5 here. There is a Powerball drawing on Monday night and the estimated jackpot is $265 million. And the jackpot for…

  • connecticut lottery November 14, 2022 7:40 am

    One Cash5 Ticket Won $100,000 Sunday

    Someone who bought a Cash5 ticket in Connecticut won $100,000 on Sunday, according to the CT Lottery. The winner matched all five numbers: 5-8-14-20-25. The Cash5 drawing happens daily, at 10:29 p.m. Learn more here.

  • connecticut lottery November 7, 2022 12:24 pm

    Lotto! Ticket Sold in Stratford Wins $2.3 Million

    Someone in Connecticut may be a couple million dollars richer after winning a Lotto! jackpot last week. Lottery officials said one Lotto! ticket contained a six-number match for the drawing on Friday, November 4. That ticket won the jackpot and is worth $2.3 million. The lump-sum value of the winnings is $1,606,033. The winning Lotto! numbers were 5 – 7…

  • Powerball November 7, 2022 10:14 am

    Powerball Jackpot Is $1.9 Billion; These Are the Biggest Jackpot Wins in CT

    The estimated jackpot for the Powerball drawing Monday night is $1.6 billion and the cash option is $929.1 million. Your chances of winning the big prize are really low. We’re not going to lie. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million, according to Powerball. But, that does not mean it cannot happen. There have been several…

  • Powerball October 31, 2022 11:21 pm

    Connecticut Folks Talk About What They'd Do With Powerball Jackpot

    Connecticut residents talk about what they’d do if they won the Powerball jackpot.

  • connecticut lottery October 17, 2022 11:06 am

    $45,000 Winning Keno Ticket Sold in Waterbury About to Expire

    A winning Keno ticket that was sold in Waterbury earlier this year is about to expire. CT Lottery officials said someone purchased a 7 out of 7-spot winning Keno ticket worth $45,000 on May 17, 2022. The winner has yet to claim it. According to the CT Lottery, the ticket was purchased at the Getty Mart on Hamilton Avenue in…

  • connecticut lottery October 17, 2022 10:00 am

    Fourth CT Powerball Ticket in a Week Wins $50,000

    One Powerball ticket sold in Connecticut for the drawing Saturday night won $50,000 and it’s the fourth one this week. The winning Powerball numbers Saturday night were 32-37-40-58-62 and the Powerball was 15. The winning Connecticut ticket matched four numbers and the Powerball. The ticket did not have Powerplay. The next Powerball drawing is Monday night and the jackpot...

  • Powerball October 14, 2022 1:25 pm

    Powerball Ticket Sold in Connecticut Won $50,000 Wednesday Night

    One Powerball ticket sold in Connecticut for Wednesday night’s drawing won $50,000. The winning numbers were 14-30-41-42-59 and the Powerball was 6. The $50,000 ticket in Connecticut matched four numbers and the Powerball. It’s not clear where it was sold. Two Powerball tickets sold in Connecticut for the Monday night drawing also won $50,000. And one Mega Millions ticket sold...

  • mega millions October 12, 2022 10:24 am

    Winning $10,000 Mega Millions Ticket Sold in Connecticut

    Someone who played Mega Millions in Connecticut Tuesday night won $10,000. The winning numbers for Tuesday night’s drawing were 3-7-11-13-38 and the Mega Ball was 1. The Megaplier was 3. The winning Connecticut ticket matched four numbers and the Mega Ball. No one won the big prize and the estimated jackpot is now up to $494 million. The cash option…

  • connecticut lottery August 23, 2022 11:59 am

    Connecticut Lottery System Is Back Up

    The Connecticut Lottery system was down Tuesday morning, but it is back up. The CT Lottery said that while the system was down, retailers could not sell, cash, or process claims, including at CT Lottery headquarters. Retailers are again able to sell, cash and verify tickets.

  • mega millions July 30, 2022 4:14 pm

    CT Lottery Warns of Scam Where Person Poses as Mega Millions Representative

    The CT Lottery is warning about a recent scam where someone poses as a Mega Millions representative and asks for sensitive information. Officials said the scammers are calling Connecticut residents and are telling them that they won a prize. During the call, the scammer asks for the resident’s social security number. Residents are urged to remember that the CT...

  • mega millions July 30, 2022 3:37 pm

    Ticket Sold in Conn. Wins $10,000 in Mega Millions Drawing

    One person in Connecticut is a little richer after winning thousands of dollars in the Mega Millions drawing on Friday night. CT Lottery says one person matched four white balls and the Mega Ball. The prize is $10,000. The winning numbers were: 13-36-45-57-67, Mega Ball: 14. In total, 158,005 tickets sold in Connecticut won a prize ranging from $2 to…

  • mega millions July 29, 2022 8:35 pm

    Mega Millions Players Dream Big As Jackpot Tops $1.2 Billion

    People lined up Friday ahead of the $1.28 billion Mega Millions drawing.

  • mega millions July 29, 2022 11:25 am

    Mega Millions Jackpot Soars to $1.1 Billion

    The Mega Millions lottery reward has reached $1.1 billion. The drawing is tonight and the chances are slim. People talk about what they would do with the money.

  • mega millions July 22, 2022 2:04 pm

    Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches $660 Million

    The jackpot for the Mega Millions lottery is the third highest amount for that lottery: $660 million. Jennifer Jaos talks to hopeful participants about their lottery history.

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