• PFAS Mar 4, 2020

    Municipalities Want More Help Addressing ‘Forever Chemicals'

    The largest organization of cities and towns in Connecticut has called on the state and businesses to provide them with more help in addressing the expensive environmental fallout from chemicals in firefighting foam and similar products. The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities said the $2 million in borrowing Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont proposed in his budget is good but not enough….

  • PFAS Feb 21, 2020

    EPA Will Set Regulations For PFAS

    The Environmental Protection Agency said Friday it will move forward with a plan to regulate PFAS across the country.

  • PFAS Jan 23, 2020

    State Leaders Push For Federal Funds, Guidance to Deal With PFAS

    As state environmental and health leaders wait to learn how much of Connecticut’s money could be set aside their PFAS Action Plan, there was a push Wednesday for federal funds and guidance from Congressman John Larson. “EPA needs to step up and make a regulatory determination,” Lori Mathieu with the state Department of Public Health said. The town hall...

  • PFAS Dec 31, 2019

    Congress Approves Funding to Address PFAS in Drinking Water

      Congress has approved funding to develop new drinking water standards that would check for contamination from the chemicals known as PFAS. PFAS is short for per-and-polyfluorinated alkyl substances, a group of man-made chemicals that have been used since the 1940s across the world, including right here in the United States. There is evidence that the most-studied PFAS chemicals, PFOA…

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