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  • school lunches May 1

    School Lunch Workers Being Celebrated

    Standing in line outside East Hartford’s Mayberry Elementary School Friday, Omyra Wilson whispered instructions in her young daughter, Naomi’s ear. With a confident smile, Naomi walked away, toward a table lined with dozens of brown paper bags. Before grabbing one, Naomi did as her mother instructed, handed a card and gift to those who packed it. May 1 is...

  • NBC May 8, 2018

    University of California Workers Start 3-Day Strike Over Pay

    Thousands of custodians, security guards, gardeners and other service workers at University of California campuses started a three-day strike Monday to address pay inequalities and demand higher wages.

  • CEO May 3, 2018

    More Businesses Mellowing Out Over Hiring Pot Smokers

    Interviews with hiring executives, employment lawyers and agencies that help employers fill jobs indicate that dropping marijuana testing is among the steps more companies are taking to expand their pool of applicants to fill a near-record level of openings.

  • Donald Trump Mar 19, 2018

    Trump's Effort to Curb Immigration Could Hit Economy: Analysis

    America’s 21st century job market increasingly demands high-tech skills and knowledge. Yet consider this: Nearly half the new jobs the government foresees emerging by 2026 will require only a high school diploma — or none at all. Those jobs share something else in common, too: Hundreds of thousands of them will likely be taken by low-skilled immigrants who are willing...

  • president Mar 19, 2018

    Some Disneyland Workers Are Homeless: Union-Funded Report Says

    One-tenth of Disneyland employees are paid so little that they recently experienced homelessness, while two-thirds of them are unable to afford three meals a day, according to a union-funded report released Wednesday.

  • Donald Trump Jan 19, 2018

    Haitians Face Hurdles After Protected Status Renewal Delays

    Thousands of Haitian immigrants living in the U.S. legally will face employment and travel hurdles because President Donald Trump’s administration delayed the process of re-registering those with temporary protected status, Haitian community leaders and immigrant activists say. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services released details Thursday about the next steps for the 60,000 Haitians with the special status. Officials said the...

  • Massachusetts Jun 18, 2017

    Questions Remain About High-Speed Ferry Crash That Injured 15

    Fifteen people were injured when a high-speed ferry struck a jetty in Hyannisport, Massachusetts, and began taking on water, the U.S. Coast Guard and steamship authority said.

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