• school shootings Oct 7, 2021

    Gun Incidents at US Schools Hit Record High as Schools Return to In-Person Learning

    By a number of measures, guns in schools remain a deadly danger as in-class learning that was paused during the coronavirus pandemic resumes.

  • gun control Dec 5, 2019

    Roberts Seems to Hold Key to Case Over New York City Gun Law

    Chief Justice John Roberts appeared Monday to be the key vote in whether the Supreme Court considers expanding gun rights or sidesteps its first case on the issue in nearly 10 years. The court’s dismissal of the case would be a disappointment to gun-rights advocates and a huge relief to gun-control groups. Both sides thought a conservative Supreme Court majority...

  • Donald Trump Aug 24, 2019

    Fact Check: Trump's Swerves on Economy, Guns and Migrants

    President Donald Trump can’t seem to get his facts straight when it comes to Barack Obama. From the economy to veterans and immigration, Trump routinely claims achievements of the former president as fully his own or distorts the truth to undermine the Democrat’s legacy. On problems uniquely his own, Trump deflects. This past week was no different.

  • Donald Trump Aug 6, 2019

    Experts: Mental Illness Not Main Driver of Mass Shootings

    President Donald Trump’s focus on “mentally ill monsters” oversimplifies the role of mental illness in public mass shootings and downplays the ease with which Americans can get firearms, experts said. “Mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun,” Trump said Monday , addressing weekend shootings in Texas and Ohio that killed 31 people.

  • federal government May 6, 2019

    Cory Booker Proposes National License for All Gun Owners

    Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker is proposing that all gun owners be licensed by the federal government, a process that would include an interview and safety training. National licensing is one of more than a dozen specific proposals in a sweeping gun control agenda the U.S. senator from New Jersey released on Monday. It’s his second policy rollout in three...

  • director Feb 14, 2019

    After Parkland, Students Fight for Their Rights — Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

    After a teenaged gunman killed 17 students and adults in Parkland, Florida, Jai Patel helped to organize Jersey City, New Jersey’s, March for Our Lives, the demonstrations against gun violence that burst out across the country last year, spurred by the survivors of the Valentine’s Day shooting. The 19-year-old Patel said that the children who lived through the massacre at...

  • Donald Trump Sep 30, 2018

    As Immigrants Flow Across US Border, American Guns Go South

    Among the thousands of immigrants who have been coming across the U.S.-Mexico border in recent months, many are seeking to escape gang and drug violence raging in their homelands. The weapon of choice used to intimidate them? Often an American-made gun. While the flow of drugs and immigrants into the U.S. has been well-documented for decades and become a regular...

  • New York Oct 4, 2018

    Following Newsroom Shooting, a Look at Maryland's New ‘Red Flag' Gun Safety Law

    The shooting in a Maryland newsroom this week that left five people dead came less than six months before a new law takes effect in that state that allows people to raise “red flags” restricting a person’s access to guns....
    There is no way of knowing if the events in Annapolis would have played out differently, but the new law, an...

  • JUDGE Apr 13, 2018

    Red Flag Gun Laws May Prevent More Suicides Than Mass Shootings

    Interest in red flag laws has surged since a February school shooting in Parkland, Florida, left 17 people dead. Documents show that months before the massacre, school officials and police were so concerned about the mental stability of the suspect, Nikolas Cruz, that they wanted him forcibly committed. That never happened. But statistically, the gun tragedy most likely to touch...

  • California Apr 5, 2018

    Did California's Tough Gun Laws Prevent a Greater Tragedy?

    A day after YouTube shooting suspect Nasim Aghdam wounded three people at the company’s campus in California, questions remain about where and when she bought the 9 millimeter Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun that she allegedly used, authorities said Tuesday. But what is known is that California has some of the county’s toughest gun-control laws and that it has tightened...

  • Donald Trump Mar 13, 2018

    Locked Doors, Wasp Spray and Fear: Teachers Describe What's Changed in Parkland's Aftermath

    Classrooms across the country are still trying to return to a sense of normalcy nearly one month since a gunman killed 17 people at South Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. NBC News created a questionnaire to gauge from teachers what’s changed for them since the shooting and how their students are handling it. Their answers reflected a deep sense...

  • Donald Trump Mar 12, 2018

    ‘A Perverse Fraternity': Law Enforcement Leaders in 4 Mass Shooting Cases Reflect Gun Control Divide

    Daniel Oates calls it “a perverse fraternity”: the group of police chiefs and sheriffs from Aurora, Colorado, to Parkland, Florida, who have had to confront mass shooters, and who know the horror and confusion that follow when a gunman fires into a crowd. As the country grapples with the latest school massacre, their uncommon experience gives them a rare perspective...

  • Donald Trump Mar 19, 2018

    Fact Check: The Gun Debate

    President Donald Trump and some members of Congress met Feb. 28 at the White House for a freewheeling discussion on how to reduce gun violence at schools. The meeting came two weeks after the mass shooting in Florida in which 17 people were killed, including 14 high school students. Here we look at the facts regarding some of the issues...

  • Donald Trump Mar 19, 2018

    Again the Question: Could Armed Teachers Stop Shootings?

    Utah teacher Kasey Hansen says carrying a concealed weapon in school is “more of a solution” than hiding in a corner and waiting if an armed intruder enters the classroom. But Texas teacher Tara Bordeaux worries that she lacks “the instincts” of a law enforcement officer and can’t easily see herself carrying a gun in class. Both say carrying a...

  • JUDGE Mar 19, 2018

    Just a Few States Have Gun Laws Targeting Threatening People

    The warnings around Nikolas Cruz seemed to flash like neon signs: expelled from school, fighting with classmates, a fascination with weapons and hurting animals, disturbing images and comments posted to social media, previous mental health treatment. In Florida, that wasn’t enough for relatives, authorities or his schools to request a judicial order barring him from possessing guns. Only five states...

  • Governor Sep 11, 2018

    In Many US States, 18 is Old Enough to Buy a Semiautomatic

    Just months after his 18th birthday, Nikolas Cruz went to a Florida gun store to buy a weapon. But there were limits on what he could purchase at his age. Cruz wasn’t old enough to buy any of the handguns at the store. But there’s no such restriction for rifles, shotguns or the AR-15 that police say he used to...

  • Northern California Nov 25, 2017

    Gun Control Group Founded by Rep. Giffords Asks Web Hosts to Shut Down ‘Ghost Gun' Sites

    A gun control group founded by former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords asked two web hosting companies on Friday to shut down websites selling parts and machines that help make untraceable homemade firearms known as “ghost guns.” The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence asked the providers that host GhostGunner.net and GhostGuns.com to disable the websites for violating the hosting...

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Nov 21, 2017

    Laws Stymie Efforts to Trace Guns Used in Crimes

    How easily a stolen gun can be matched to one used in a crime depends on laws that can either speed or impede the trace. Making the job easier: mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns and background checks, measures opposed by the National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups but favored by gun control organizations. But these regulations...

  • Governor Jan 16, 2015

    Idina Menzel, John Legend to Sing National Anthem, “America the Beautiful” at 2015 Super Bowl

    Broadway and “Frozen” star Idina Menzel and singer-songwriter John Legend will sing patriotic tunes to get football fans ready for the big game.

  • Donald Trump Mar 25, 2014

    Pistorius Trial: Messages Show Couple's Affection

    The prosecution has rested its case in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial and the court is adjourned until Friday, NBC News reported. Earlier Tuesday, Pistorus’ lawyer showed in court affectionate text messages between the double amputee athlete and his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Steenkamp connected to the Internet on her cellular telephone hours before Pistorius killed her, an expert from the...

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