illegal fireworks

  • illegal fireworks Jul 8

    Setting Off Illegal Fireworks Could Cost You

    Illegal fireworks lighting up the night sky over Boston has been keeping law enforcement busy this summer. With nearly 1,500 fireworks complaints to the Boston Police Department in the first week of June alone, Mayor Marty Walsh said last month fireworks were traumatizing residents. “Fireworks continue to be major safety and quality of life concern,” Walsh said July 2. “It’s…

  • new haven Jul 4

    New Haven Fire, Police Form Fireworks Task Force

    During the first three weeks of June, New Haven Fire Chief John Alston says the department received nearly ten times the calls for fireworks than they did last year. “There were 30 to 40 calls last year, there are over 300 this year,” said Alston. They’ve created a task force with inspectors from the fire department and New Haven police…

  • new haven Jul 3

    New Haven Creates Task Force to Combat Issues with Illegal Fireworks

    New Haven joins the list of cities logging complaints over fireworks. It’s become such a problem that they’ve created a task force to track down who’s selling them and who’s setting them off.

  • New Britain Jul 3

    14 Arrested in New Britain For Use of Illegal Fireworks

    Fourteen people were arrested following over 30 fireworks-related complaints in New Britain on Thursday. Police said they arrested 14 people and seized multiple illegal fireworks. Officers say they are expecting an increased number of fireworks complaints throughout the 4th of July weekend. Police said they will continue to address concerns as they are reported. Anyone with information is asked to…

  • illegal fireworks Jul 2

    State Police Expect Steady Supply of Illegal Fireworks

    “We anticipated this being a much busier season than ever,” Detective Paul Makuc with the Connecticut State Police Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit said. State police hold a container with explosive evidence considered so dangerous that they keep it under lock and key. “I think there’s a fair amount of word-of-mouth sales and some of it’s online, some of...

  • 4th of July Jul 1

    Illegal Fireworks Seized Across Connecticut

    State police and local police departments are working to seize illegal fireworks amid a growing number of complaints.

  • illegal fireworks Jun 27

    Meriden Police Seize $5K in Illegal Fireworks

    Meriden police seized $5,000 worth of illegal fireworks while investigating complaints into fireworks activity in the Bunker Avenue area. Police said Thursday night into early Friday morning they received multiple complaints about fireworks in the area. Investigators applied for a search and seizure warrant and found the fireworks on the property at 171-173 Bunker Avenue. The fireworks were given to…

  • meriden Jun 27

    Meriden Fire Chief Gives Warning About Illegal Fireworks

    The Meriden Fire Chief is warning residents about possible repercussions for involvement with illegal fireworks.

  • illegal fireworks Jun 25

    Police Seize Illegal Fireworks in Hartford

    Police have seized more illegal fireworks in Hartford. The fireworks were seized from a person on Albany Avenue late Thursday afternoon, police said. Police said they have been receiving hundreds of complaints per day about people setting off fireworks. Other than sprinklers and fountains that are sold in stores, fireworks are illegal in Connecticut, Hartford police reminded residents. They are…

  • illegal fireworks Jun 24

    Hamden Police Increase Patrols to Crack Down on Illegal Fireworks

    The Hamden Police Department will have increased patrols focused on illegal fireworks after a significant increase in complaints over the last two months. Police said since April 29 they’ve received 63 fireworks-related complaints. Fireworks are illegal in Connecticut without a permit. Sparklers and fountains, which produce sparks when lit, are not considered fireworks and are legal. Police reminded the public…

  • New Britain Jun 18

    Police Seize Large Amount of Illegal Fireworks in New Britain

    Police said they seized a large amount of illegal fireworks in New Britain Wednesday night. The seizure was in connection with two arrests of people possessing and setting off illegal fireworks, police said. “We understand the importance of addressing this quality-of-life concern in your community and will continue to target individuals possessing and discharging illegal fireworks on your community,” New…

  • fireworks Jun 18

    Illegal Fireworks a Nuisance Across the State

    You’ve probably heard them: fireworks going off at all hours of the night for the last several weeks. It’s an issue towns and cities across the state and other states have been dealing with. Now Hartford is taking steps to combat it with the public’s help. While illegal fireworks are an issue every year, this year is different. Neighbors...

  • illegal fireworks Jun 17

    Hartford Establishes New Ways Residents Can Report Illegal Fireworks

    The city of Hartford says illegal fireworks are dangerous and now established a new way residents can contact the city to get help

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