• North Carolina Apr 22, 2020

    N. Carolina Ballot Probe Defendant Now Faces Federal Charges

    The political operative already accused in state court of absentee ballot fraud during a 2018 North Carolina congressional election now faces federal charges.

  • Donald Trump Sep 11, 2019

    Trump-Backed Candidate Wins North Carolina House Seat

    Conservative Republican Dan Bishop won a special election for an open House seat in North Carolina, averting a demoralizing Democratic capture of a district the GOP has held for nearly six decades. But his narrow victory didn’t erase questions about whether President Donald Trump and his party’s congressional candidates face troubling headwinds approaching 2020. Bishop, a state senator best known...

  • attorney May 15, 2019

    Sponsor of NC's ‘Bathroom Bill' Wins GOP Redo of Tainted Election

    North Carolina’s most infamous political story lines of recent years are merging into a congressional race this summer that pits the architect of the state’s “bathroom bill” against a Democrat who was granted an electoral do-over after evidence of ballot fraud tainted his prior opponent’s campaign. State Sen. Dan Bishop topped nine other Republican candidates seeking the 9th Congressional District...

  • North Carolina Feb 28, 2019

    North Carolina Political Operative Charged in Election Fraud Case

    The political operative at the center of an election fraud scandal that has engulfed a North Carolina congressional race was arrested Wednesday on charges of illegal ballot handling and conspiracy. Four people working for him were also charged. Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr., 63, was accused of directing workers to collect and mail in other people’s absentee ballots during the 2018...

  • Donald Trump Feb 27, 2019

    Fact Check: McConnell's Misleading Spin on Voting Fraud

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is skewing facts when it comes to Republican congressional efforts to stem the type of election malfeasance recently seen in North Carolina. The Kentucky Republican on Tuesday accused Democrats of resisting GOP efforts over the years to address “voter fraud.” That’s misleading. The GOP efforts McConnell refers to have focused on requiring voter ID, which...

  • United States Feb 26, 2019

    Mark Harris, GOP Candidate in Disputed US House Race, Not Running Again

    The Republican candidate whose apparent victory in a North Carolina congressional race was thrown out because of suspicions of ballot fraud announced Tuesday he will not run in the newly ordered do-over election, saying he needs surgery late next month. In a statement, Mark Harris said he’s skipping the upcoming re-do election in North Carolina’s 9th congressional district for health...

  • attorney Feb 21, 2019

    New Election Ordered in Disputed North Carolina House Race

    North Carolina’s elections board Thursday ordered a new election in the nation’s last undecided congressional race after the Republican candidate conceded his lead was tainted by evidence of ballot-tampering by political operatives working for him. The State Board of Elections voted 5-0 in favor of a do-over in the mostly rural 9th Congressional District but did not immediately set a...

  • North Carolina Dec 29, 2018

    House Leader: Dems Won't Seat Candidate in Unresolved North Carolina Race

    The dissolution of North Carolina’s elections board Friday injected further uncertainty into a still-undecided congressional race as a U.S. House Democratic leader rejected the idea of filling the seat until an investigation of ballot fraud allegations is complete. Gov. Roy Cooper was met with Republican resistance after announcing he would appoint an interim Board of Elections after a three-judge state...

  • Congress Dec 24, 2018

    Documents Detail How Absentee Ballots Gathered in NC Vote

    Affidavits released Sunday by North Carolina’s elections board allege absentee ballots were collected from voters by the man at the center of vote fraud allegations or those working for him. These latest documents focus on last month’s disputed 9th Congressional District race, the year’s only unresolved congressional election. Investigators are looking into whether McCrae Dowless and others working on behalf...

  • Congress Dec 20, 2018

    North Carolina Officials Previously Investigated Ballot Operative

    North Carolina officials sought criminal charges after the 2016 election against the man now at the center of absentee ballot fraud allegations, but prosecutors didn’t indict him before the now disputed 2018 congressional race, according to documents released Wednesday. The documents detail a two year investigation by the North Carolina State Board of Elections into Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr. Elections...

  • Governor Dec 17, 2018

    NC GOP Moves for New Primary in Congressional Race Hit by Election Fraud Probe

    Legislation quickly passed by North Carolina’s lawmakers this week would prepare a path for Republicans to dump their nominee in a still-undecided U.S. House race marred with ballot fraud allegations. “I think (legislators are) worried that Mark Harris might be damaged goods and they want to have the opportunity to have a different Republican nominee,” said Carter Wrenn, a Republican...

  • Governor Dec 7, 2018

    North Carolina Democrat Drops Race Concession Amid Probe

    The Democrat trailing in a North Carolina congressional race withdrew his concession Thursday as state election officials investigated allegations of absentee ballot fraud. Dan McCready’s reversal came as a top leader at the state’s Republican Party said it would support a new election in the unresolved 9th Congressional District race if an investigation shows that wrongdoing swayed its...

  • attorney Dec 5, 2018

    Ballot Fraud Investigation Muddies North Carolina Election

    Allegations of flagrant absentee ballot fraud in a North Carolina district have thrown the Election Day results of one of the nation’s last unresolved midterm congressional races into question. Unofficial ballot totals showed Republican Mark Harris ahead of Democrat Dan McCready by 905 votes in the 9th Congressional District. But the state elections board refused to certify the results last...

  • Governor Oct 10, 2017

    Berlin Board of Education Considers Play to Play Proposal

    The Berlin Board of Education is considering charging students to play sports. Reactions to this “Pay to Play” proposal are mixed.

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