• Mask Mandates Apr 28

    Do I Need to Wear a Mask Outdoors in Connecticut?

    Do you need to wear a mask outdoors or indoors in the state of Connecticut? The answer depends on several questions: Are you fully vaccinated? Are you indoors or outdoors? If you are outdoors, is it in a crowded setting? With the updated state and federal recommendations, many are asking “Do I need to wear a mask outdoors?” Gov. Ned…

  • Covid-19 Vaccine Apr 28

    What You Should Know About Gathering After Your COVID Vaccine

    The CDC doesn’t want you going out with friends right after full vaccination, but is encouraging waiting two weeks for coronavirus antibodies to kick in. NBC News Medical Correspondent Dr. John Torres weighs in on those guidelines and also discusses the COVID-19 crisis in India, where hundreds of thousands of cases are being reported each day, and oxygen and...

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