• New Haven-style pizza Jun 10

    Bill to Make Pizza Connecticut's State Food Forgotten in Session's Final Hours

    If you live in Connecticut, you probably have strong opinions about pizza. But that wasn’t enough to get lawmakers to pass a bill to make the pies the state food of Connecticut. State Rep. Patricia Dillon, who represents New Haven, and State Senator Gary Winfield, who represents New Haven and West Haven, had proposed adding pizza as the state...

  • New Haven-style pizza Feb 3

    Lawmakers Propose Making Pizza Connecticut's State Food

    Some lawmakers have introduced a bill to make pizza the state food of Connecticut. If you are a Connecticut native or have lived in the state for a while, then the idea of New Haven-style pizza probably makes your mouth water. And you probably have a go-to pizza place. State Rep. Patricia Dillon, who represents New Haven, and State Senator…

  • TikTok Sep 24, 2020

    TikTok Raises 12K Tip for Elderly Pizza Man

    An 89-year old man in Roy, Utah, is now “Tik Tok famous” after a family recorded his deliveries for their 53 thousand fans. Tiktokers raised $12,000 in tip money for Derlin Newey, who works 30 hours a week delivering pizza to supplement his Social Security.

  • Chris Murphy Jan 14, 2020

    Senator Murphy Tweet Celebrates New Haven Pizza

    If you’re reading this, then you probably live in Connecticut and know about local pizza – particularly New Haven-style pizza. Well, Senator Chris Murphy is sharing his appreciation for New Haven pizza through his Twitter account. His Tweet came in response to a Tweet about a robot at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that can assemble 300 perfect…

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