• Norwalk Aug 14, 2020

    Boat Catches Fire, Explodes in Norwalk Harbor

    A boat with six people on board caught fire and exploded in Norwalk Thursday evening. The incident happened just before 6 p.m. in Norwalk Harbor. Crews said the boat was experiencing engine trouble. The owner of the boat told crews the boat was running rough so he was turning around to come back in when the boat exploded. The boat…

  • Norwalk Jun 26, 2020

    Crews Investigate Norwalk Apartment Fire

    Crews in Norwalk are investigating after a fire in an apartment on Thursday night. The incident occurred at approximately 5:39 p.m. on Wall Street. Firefighters said they forced their way into the unoccupied apartment to finish putting out the fire. Crews said the sprinkler system kept the fire in check. The kitchen fire scorched the countertop and cabinets and left…

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