• PFAS Jun 4

    Warning Issued Over PFAS Levels in Fish in 3 Connecticut Rivers

    The Connecticut Department of Public Health is warning about elevated levels of a chemical used in firefighting foam turning up in fish in three rivers in eastern Connecticut. The agency tested bass in the Natchaug River, the Shetucket River, and the Willimantic River all in the Mansfield and Willimantic areas. The DPH found elevated levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances…

  • PFAS Mar 7

    EPA Opens Criminal Investigations Into PFAS

    As part of what it’s calling unprecedented efforts, the EPA has announced it now has multiple criminal investigations concerning PFAS-related pollution, a move Connecticut Attorney William Tong said is a “really important development.” “It is a strong message any time criminal prosecutors and investigators get involved it underscores how very, very serious this problem is,” Tong said. Tong’s office...

  • PFAS Mar 7

    Bill Could Ban Use of PFAS in Firefighter Training

    In what could be the first of its kind state law addressing PFAS in Connecticut, members of the Environment Committee learned more Friday about proposed legislation that would ban Connecticut fire departments from using firefighting foam containing PFAS for any training purposes. “It’s a very important resource to help extinguish dangerous fires, we know that there are safer substitutes...

  • Connecticut Mar 7

    Bill Could Ban Use of PFAS in Firefighter Training

    Lawmakers are considering a bill that would prohibit the use of firefighting foam with PFAS in the training of firefighters.

  • PFAS Mar 4

    Municipalities Want More Help Addressing ‘Forever Chemicals'

    The largest organization of cities and towns in Connecticut has called on the state and businesses to provide them with more help in addressing the expensive environmental fallout from chemicals in firefighting foam and similar products. The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities said the $2 million in borrowing Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont proposed in his budget is good but not enough….

  • PFAS Feb 27

    EPA Opens Criminal Investigations Into PFAS

    The Environmental Protection Agency is opening criminal investigations into PFAS and those who have manufactured it.

  • PFAS Feb 21

    Federal PFAS Regulations in the Works

    In a major milestone in the fight against PFAS, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it will now move forward to set federal regulations for the emerging contaminant for drinking water supplies across the country.

  • PFAS Feb 21

    EPA Will Set Regulations For PFAS

    The Environmental Protection Agency said Friday it will move forward with a plan to regulate PFAS across the country.

  • PFAS Feb 4

    DPH Relaxes Warnings on Eating Fish From Farmington River

    Health officials are relaxing recommended restrictions on eating fish caught in the Farmington River after a June 2019 spill of firefighting foam that contained PFAS chemicals.

  • PFAS Jan 23

    State Leaders Push For Federal Funds, Guidance to Deal With PFAS

    As state environmental and health leaders wait to learn how much of Connecticut’s money could be set aside their PFAS Action Plan, there was a push Wednesday for federal funds and guidance from Congressman John Larson. “EPA needs to step up and make a regulatory determination,” Lori Mathieu with the state Department of Public Health said. The town hall...

  • PFAS Jan 22

    Town Leaders Push For Federal Funds to Deal With PFAS

    Town leaders from Connecticut met with Rep. John Larson on Wednesday to ask for help and to push for federal funds to deal with PFAS, a chemical that exists in some firefighting foams and other items.

  • PFAS Jan 1

    PFAS: Connecticut's Emerging Contaminant Digital Exclusive

    PFAS is a group of man-made chemicals that have been used since the 1940s across the world, including the United States. These chemicals do not break down, and have been tied to can lead to adverse reproductive, developmental, liver and kidney effects.

  • PFAS Dec 31, 2019

    Congress Approves Funding to Address PFAS in Drinking Water

      Congress has approved funding to develop new drinking water standards that would check for contamination from the chemicals known as PFAS. PFAS is short for per-and-polyfluorinated alkyl substances, a group of man-made chemicals that have been used since the 1940s across the world, including right here in the United States. There is evidence that the most-studied PFAS chemicals, PFOA…

  • PFAS Dec 27, 2019

    PFAS: Connecticut's Emerging Contaminant

    2 p.m. Saturday June 8, 2019: It came in as an activated fire alarm call, firefighting foam containing PFAS had been discharged after a malfunction from the foam system at a Signature Flight Support hangar at Bradley International Airport. Initially, airport officials thought the foam had been contained to airport property but hours later it surfaced in the Farmington River…

  • PFAS Dec 14, 2019

    Feds Consider Ban on PFAS Firefighting Foam at Military Bases

    Six months after tens of thousands of gallons of firefighting foam spilled into the Farmington River in Windsor from Bradley, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal announced Friday a potential federal requirement to phase out firefighting foam containing PFAS at all military bases. “The United States military is going to take the lead and provide a model for the nation in...

  • PFAS Dec 14, 2019

    Feds Consider Ban on PFAS Foam at Military Bases

    PFAS chemicals found in firefighting foam can cause serious birth defects and health effects.

  • PFAS Dec 13, 2019

    Connecticut Airport Authority Discusses Replacing PFAS Foam

    The Connecticut Airport Authority is now working with state building officials to determine if firefighting foam systems using PFAS in certain airport hangars can be replaced with water.

  • PFAS Dec 13, 2019

    Congresswoman DeLauro Calls for Ban on Food Packages With PFAS

    Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-New Haven) is calling for a ban on all food packing products that contain the chemical PFAS, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

  • PFAS Dec 13, 2019

    Canton School Concerned About Potential PFAS Contamination

    Tests are underway to see if the water supply at a primary school in Canton was contaminated with a potentially dangerous firefighting foam.

  • PFAS Dec 13, 2019

    DEEP Suggests Testing Some Wells for PFAS

    For the first time since the firefighting foam spill in June, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is making it clear that it disagrees with a draft report from Signature Flight’s consultant that no drinking water wells should be tested for PFAS.

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