scam warning

  • 2020 census Mar 5

    State Officials Warn of Potential Census Scams

    The Department of Consumer Protection and other state officials are warning Connecticut residents to be on the lookout for 2020 Census scams. Officials said scammers may try to impersonate Census workers to trick people into giving out personal information. These scammers may knock on doors, send emails, text messages, traditional mail, or even make fake websites to steal money and…

  • scam warning Feb 28

    Shelton Police Warn of Phone Scammer Impersonating Officer

    Shelton police are warning residents about a phone scammer impersonating a member of their department. Police said the caller claims to be Detective Richard Bango of the Shelton Police Department, and caller ID is showing the police department phone number of 203-924-1544. The caller tells the potential victim that there is a warrant for their arrest, or that they...

  • scam warning Feb 21

    State Leaders Issuing Staunch Warning on Utility Scams

    Connecticut’s consumer protection commissioner, along with the attorney general and many of the gas, water and electric utility companies, warned people on Friday about utility scams.

  • scam warning Feb 21

    State Agencies Warn About Utility Scams

    Leaders from several state agencies are issuing new warnings about fake calls threatening to shut off utilities.

  • scam warning Feb 20

    Caller Impersonating Vernon Police Targets Local Businesses

    The Vernon Police Department is warning residents to be on alert for a caller impersonating a member of their department. Police said the caller, who contacted several local businesses, demanded money and threatened the victims with an arrest warrant. A police officer will never call to demand money or payment for a person to avoid arrest. Police said these calls…

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