• ALLERGIES May 5, 2022 3:38 pm

    Hartford, New Haven on Top 10 List For Worst Places For Allergy Sufferers

    Two of Connecticut’s cities, Hartford and New Haven, made the top 10 list of allergy capitals this year, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Pam Angelo, a UConn Health registered nurse who specializes in allergies, said this is not surprising. “I’ve been doing the allergy department here for about almost six years. And it does seem...

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    How to Reduce Allergens at Home

    Anyone used to the sneezing, coughing, and wheezing usually associated with pollen and ragweed may need to take a closer look inside: Even the cleanest homes have hidden allergens that can make symptoms worse.

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  • ALLERGIES May 26, 2021 9:34 pm

    Allergy Suffferers Struggling This Spring

    It has been a particularly tough spring for people who suffer from allergies.

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