Space Force

  • Virginia Jan 31

    Houston, We Have a Job Opening: Space Force Is Now Hiring

    If you have tech skills, human resources know-how or program-management prowess, you could be part of the team that gets Space Force off the ground. Space Force, commanded by Gen. John Raymond, this week is accepting an early round of applications. The program, currently funded through the Air Force, is hiring staff to work in Arlington, Virginia. The first batch…

  • Trump administration Jan 25

    Trump Revealed the Logo for the Space Force, and It Looks Like the ‘Star Trek’ Symbol

    President Donald Trump’s Space Force logo has boldly gone where “Star Trek” has gone before. The commander-in-chief on Friday revealed the logo for the new service branch in a tweet. And it looked a lot like the logo for the fictional Starfleet at the center of the iconic science fiction television and film franchise. “After consultation with our Great Military...

  • Space Force Dec 21, 2019

    Space Force Will Start Small But Let Trump Claim Big Win

    Space Force became the first new military service in the U.S. in more than 70 years. President Donald Trump signed it into law Friday as part of the 2020 national defense bill. In its first year it will likely have only about 200 people and a budget of $40 million. Trump said America’s superiority in space is “absolutely vital.” The...

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