Tokyo 2020

  • Tokyo 2020 24 hours ago

    Olympic Rings Arrive in Host City on Barge Into Tokyo Bay

    The Olympic rings have arrived in Tokyo. They sailed into Tokyo Bay on a barge and will stay there until the Olympics open on July 24 and close on August 9.

  • Tokyo 2020 Jan 9

    IOC Details Rules on Political Protests at Olympics

    Olympic athletes have been told which protests will not be allowed at the 2020 Tokyo Games. That means no taking a knee and no political hand gestures. The IOC Athletes’ Commission has published a three-page guidance document after consulting with competitors. Athletes wanted clarity about how a long-standing ban on political protests in venues would apply in practice. Political opinions...

  • Tokyo 2020 Dec 20, 2019

    Tokyo Olympics Say Games Cost $12.6B; Audit Report Says Much More

    Tokyo Olympic organizers said Friday they are spending 1.35 trillion Japanese yen — about $12.6 billion — to stage next year’s games. Organizers said the expenditure is unchanged from a year ago, although robust sponsorship and ticket sales have generated a contingency fund of an extra $300 million.

  • Tokyo 2020 Dec 13, 2019

    Tokyo Being Billed as ‘Recovery Olympics’ — But Not for All

    The torch relay for the Tokyo Olympics this summer will kick off in Fukushima. The northern prefecture was devastated almost nine years ago by an earthquake, tsunami, and the subsequent meltdown of three nuclear reactors. They’ll play Olympic baseball and softball in one part of Fukushima. This allows Tokyo organizers and Japanese officials to call these games the “Recovery Olympics.”...

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