• Los Angeles Sep 9, 2018

    Convenience Shops Go Healthy as Millennials Choose Wellness

    In convenience stores spawned by the wellness wave, kombucha slushies take the place of corn-syrupy treats infused with red dye, tortilla chips are made of cassava flour instead of corn and there are vegan ice cream bars and a dizzying selection of organic produce and craft beer on tap. Traditional corner markets have been notching up their healthier options in...

  • Danielle Abreu May 3, 2018

    Utz Recalls Several Tortilla Chips Brands Over Possible Milk Contamination

    Utz Quality Foods is voluntarily recalling several brands of tortilla chips due to potential contamination of undeclared milk allergen. The Hanover, Pennsylvania-based company announced in a press release that some bags of Golden Flake, Good Health, Utz and Weis brand tortilla chips may have been contaminated with milk, a product that is not listed under the ingredients. People who have...

  • United States Nov 21, 2016

    Sabra Recalls Hummus Products Over Listeria Concerns

    Sabra Dipping Company has issued a voluntary recall for a variety of its hummus products after Listeria monocytogenes was found at the Colonial Heights, Virginia-based company’s manufacturing facility. The recall affects hummus products that were made before Nov. 8, 2016, and sold across the United States and Canada at supermarkets and other stores. Listeria monocytogenes was not found in tested...

  • georgia Aug 15, 2016

    Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos Recalled Over Ingredients Not on Label

    Select bags of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos are being recalled because they may contain undeclared ingredients. Frito-Lay, which manufactures Doritos, announced Thursday that some bags of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos tortilla chips were inadvertently filled with Nacho Cheese Doritos.

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