• winter driving February 4, 2021 4:22 am

    Ice Missile Damages Car, Injures Driver in Wolcott

    A large chunk of ice flew off the top of a box truck in Wolcott Wednesdsay afternoon, sending it crashing through the windshield of a passing car and injuring the driver, according to police.

  • winter driving January 27, 2021 12:00 am

    AAA Offers Winter Weather Tips for Drivers

    Ahead of the winter weather slated to occur through the next few days, AAA is encouraging drivers to be ready just in case they’re caught in an emergency situation. Even though the snow totals may be lower than usual, AAA said drivers should still take precautions before and while driving on the roads. “Sometimes less accumulation can actually result...

  • winter driving November 11, 2020 11:49 pm

    Gearing Up for Winter Driving

    We’ve already had a taste of winter weather, and that October snow flipped a switch for many people. “That’s sort of the spark. They start to panic you know maybe they’re summer or all season tires aren’t the greatest grips they want to snow tires,” explained Ari Thielman of GT Tire in Meriden. “We see an average change over...

  • winter driving February 4, 2020 11:54 pm

    Racing School Teaches Winter Driving Techniques

    Car control. It’s what driving instructors at Skip Barber Racing School pride themselves on teaching. They’re taking what they’ve taught race car drivers and applying it to winter driving techniques. Here are their top expert tips: When in a slide, steer into that slide and come off the gas pedal and stay off the brake until you absolutely need...

  • driving safety February 4, 2020 11:50 pm

    Driving Experts Offer Tips on Slippery Winter Driving

    Driving experts from the Skip Barber Racing School are holding winter driving clinics and offering tips to keep you safe on slick roads.

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