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You Drive. No, You



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    Share a ride. More people are doing it.

    The commercial makes ride sharing look tempting. A group of strangers happily travel together to work. A woman knits a scarf and a man sitting next to her takes a nap and using the scarf as a blanket.

    But who gives up their solo drive to work? It seems like quite a few people are giving up the chance to sing loudly and out of tune to save money.

    Connecticut's NuRide program has eliminated more than 6 million miles in car trips in the past year.

    MetroPool, the company that runs the program, says it has erased more than 220,000 individual motor vehicle trips by workers in Connecticut.

    Nearly 3,100 people and 300 companies and organizations enrolled in NuRide over the past year. The program now has more than 9,000 commuters and 1,200 companies and groups.

    NuRide has a Web site and offers rewards to those who join.

    State transportation officials say the program's popularity got a bump from increased gas prices and new interest in mass transit and cutting pollution.