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Skiing in CT 101

Snowboarding and Skiing 101: What You Need To Know



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    Hitting the slopes: snowboarding and skiing 101 as ski season comes to an unofficial open.

    It's official.  Summer's gone.  But how did we miss autumn?

    Jingling bells of the Salvation Army. Christmas decorations. Your Starbucks latte in a holiday cup. Ice on the windshield. Ba-humbug! 

    Here's the good news. Ski season is here. No, this isn't an old article from last winter. Ski season -- complete with snow, cold, and hot chocolate -- has arrived.

    The Woodbury Ski Area officially opened on Tuesday. The company prides itself on being one of the first ski areas to open in the northeast, and snowboarders and skiers were happy to take advantage of that on opening day. The area will continue making snow as long as the temperature at night is 32 degrees or below.

    So in celebration of winter (or maybe the mourning of the loss of summer), let's take a look at all things ski. 

    What you need

    Not to scare you, but if you hit the slopes for the first time, there's a good chance you won't do it again. 

    According to the National Ski Areas Association, about 85 percent of people who try skiing or snowboarding don't do it again.  BUT that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. 

    We have broken down what you need to have when you go:

    Here are the basics on clothing, equipment and actually learning how to ski:



    Lessons and packages

    The links below will bring you right to the packages and deals offered by Connecticut ski areas.

    Remember, the rates above DON'T include chiropractic expenses if things don't go so well.   

    Where to go

    Click here for the state's hottest slopes.  

    Dearly Departed Slopes

    CT has lost about 60 slopes over the years. Here's is a list of the state's skiing graveyard.  

    Have fun on the slopes!