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From Viral Video to Feature Film

Former Yale students tackle the movie musical



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    You might know their work from their viral videos. Now, reports the Yale Daily News, some former Yale students have taken their film making to the next level.

    Sam Tsui, Kurt Schneider, Andrew Johnson and Jake Bruene premiered "College Musical: The Movie" this weekend at the Whitney Humanities Center. 

    The 93-minute comedy, which is a spin-off of Schneider's online series, follows a hapless freshman as he goes on a quest for love.

    The film follows Cooper (played by Tsui), who finds himself head-over-heels for his English TA. Of course, these feelings disrupt his studies. During a midterm, he actually breaks out into a mental song about his desire to begin a physical relationship with said TA named Bianca. Of course the movie goes on to introduce Cooper's roommates and a female classmate who competes for Cooper's attention.  And it's all told through a mix of music and spoken dialogue.

    “I think it’s a great blend of adult humor and the [Disney] ‘High School Musical’ love of life,” said Yale student Allen Zhang, who attended the premiere. “It’s a funny, feel-good movie.”

    The movie was almost entirely shot at Yale, but takes place at an unnamed institution. 

    Now that the movie is finished, the filmmakers need to decide what comes next.  “We focused on just making a great film, and now we’ll just try to put it out there and see what happens,” Schneider said.