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Simsbury's Best Kept Secret: Band that Plays in a Barn



    Joe Patrina lives on a 15-acre property in West Simsbury.  There is where he brought his family to break free from the hustle and bustle of New York City.   His life there included running a highly successful software business on Wall Street.

    "At one point. 50% of the world's currency exchange went through these computer systems I designed so it was a big deal,” said Patrina.

    But a few years back, in his mid 50's, he realized time was slipping away.   So he sold his business and made a bold move into music.

    "Really started very early.  Then played in bands from age 16 to 26,” said Patrina.

    Little House

    [HAR] Little House
    Simsbury's best kept secret, free live music in the back of a barn.
    (Published Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010)

    He would eventually find his way back to a band.   The group Little House was formed in 2008.  Two years later, it's now known by an inner circle for the shows it plays in a barn on Patrina's property. 

    There have been nearly three dozen of these shows in the last year and a half, with many more scheduled.

    "Driving up here it just looks like someone's having a party but you come in here and he has a state of the art barn with beautiful decor and phenomenal acoustics.  and you go in there and you have a time that's just fantastic that no one else knows about,” said fan, Jennifer Cuevas.

    "You wouldn't think it could be as much as it is.  But once you step inside you feel like you're in a stadium.  The sound is incredible, the lighting, every aspect of it, they're great," said fan, Nicki Chadbourne.

    Everything about this group is grassroots: the barn. the intense following from local fans and the music.

    "We have a whole variety of sounds and we mix it up and essentially it became more of a variety s how so that's why it's a very interesting band."

    It's a mix of pure joy and pressure for Patrina, who has lofty goals of one day playing the USO tour.

    "If you don't push, push, push you will not succeed so it feels like it did when I had my company, every moment counts and you've got to get it done or it's not going to happen,” said Patrina.

    The songs are all written by Patrina, a skill he's spent years shaping since leaving Wall Street.

    "Every time we sing and get out there and do the music I treat as it may never happen again.  This could be the last night and it could,” he said. "It's a precious thing."

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