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    Swap and Shop will be held at Blue Back Square on October 8th, but spaces are limited so register today!

    SWAPPING OUT... Get your closets ready ladies, because Blue Back Square in West Hartford will be holding their first Swap and Shop event on October 8 from 5-8:30 p.m. in the pavilion in front of Barnes & Noble. Hesitant that your "like new" Blahniks might be traded in for a bag of busted Payless? No worries! Debbie Wright, an independent fashion consultant and the organizer behind the event, has your back. Every item that you donate will be put into three "expense" sections and you, in return, will receive a color-coded ticket (per item, with a max of 3) that can be exchanged for an item from the category your pieces fall under. For example, those lightly worn pair of Blahniks may lead you to some lightly worn red soles that are new to you. And, at the end of the day, all leftover pieces will be donated to Dress for Success. Space is limited (only 100 participants) so e-mail debbie@projectcloset.com to register today and be sure to tell them NBC Connecticut's WANT THIS sent you!

    JAZZ HANDS... We all grew up (at least in 10th grade English class) wishing we were an F. Scott Fitzgerald dame, with a chic flapper bob and bedazzled knee skimming (and eyebrow raising) frocks. Amy Leiner must have had us in mind (or so we'd like to think) when she created her namesake jewelry collection, featuring extra long strands of sparkling beads, ready to be looped, layered and lariated. Find her latest pieces at Ella in Guilford.

    PINNED... Rugby, Ralph Lauren's cheeky younger sibling, might be a little too borderline punk rock prep school for our taste, but we love their reply to Ralph's "Create Your Own" collection. Monogram and custom patch ready versions of their classic Rugby jerseys and mini dresses and oxford shirts are just the beginning. We're especially partial to their Collegiate Cardigan ($128), that not only gives you the Letterman patch of your choice, but will embroider your sweetheart's name under the right pocket. Check out in store, in New Canaan or Greenwich, or build your own online.

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