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Plane Dumb: Delta’s Designer Uniforms Too Small

Northwest flight attendants say the new Richard Tyler dresses are too small.



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    Richard Tyler's new uniforms for Delta Air Lines are sexy and stylish -- provided you can fit into them.

    Most people in the fashion community were thrilled when Delta Air Lines announced back in 2004 that designer Richard Tyler would be creating a new uniform collection for the airline that included a new dress in an eye-catching shade of red (the uniforms were formerly gray). Tyler promised the dress would make the flight attendants "look sexy and great," but as it happens, many of the ladies in Delta's fleet are less than enthused about the new dresses. Why? Because the dresses are too small.

    The Northwest chapter of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (essentially made up of members from Northwest Airlines before it was bought by Delta) filed an official complaint with Delta Air Lines and requested that it make the signature red dress available in sizes going up to 28 (right now the red dress only goes up to a size 18). As Patricia Reller (who manages the union's grievances) told The Associated Press, the fact that the dress isn't available in larger sizes says: "We don't want you wearing that if you are over size 18."

    To make matters worse, in typical design fashion, the size 18 is apparently "a very small size 18" in much the same way that, say, a Zac Posen size 6 is smaller than a size 6 at the Gap.

    The current Richard Tyler uniform collection has been out since 2006 and includes navy dresses and white blouses in addition to the famous red dress.

    Delta spokeswoman Gina Laughlin was quick to comment that the whole incident could just be "AFA hype."