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Denim in Distress

Meet Elliott, Michelle, and Dylan -- designers just waiting to rip your favorite jeans to shreds.



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    Designer jeans for a song. Who could pass that up?

    Balmain's ragged skinny jeans strutted down the runway this past Spring, with a price-tag of a little over $2,000, and it was almost hard to believe when stores couldn't keep them on the shelves long enough.

    Remembering back to the days in high school when Abercrombie & Fitch's tattered flares were all the rage and our mother's scolded us for buying ripped jeans, it's funny to think that today we're all still scrambling to get a pair before the autumn chill sets in.

    Current Elliott, the brand that started the boyfriend jean craze, is designed by two vintage hunters that dressed many Hollywood's hotties in their washed and worn denim. Today their wares are super soft, slouchy, and slashed, with a variety of fits that flatter almost everyone. (Find Current Elliott at National Jean Co. in West Hartford and Wish List in their New Haven, Westport, or Greenwich locations.)

    One very gorgeous Rhode Island native, Michelle Siwy, started her namesake denim line after graduating from FIT. Their puffy pockets and twisted seams aren't there just to look good; they also create a slimming and elongating illusion that totally works in your favor. Her summer collection not only features her celebrity must-have, itty-bitty denim shorts, but some seriously weathered skinny jeans. (Find Siwy at DNA Jeans in Fairfield and Fiona Stone in Hartford.)
    And newcomer Dylan George's metallic threading and brilliant washes are not for the feint of heart, but his skinnies are popping up on every starlet this summer and are sure to be sold-out before back to school shopping even begins. (Find Dylan George at Nordstrom in Farmington.)