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Lip Gloss Serves As Rape Drug Detector

UK beauty brand creates lipgloss that plumps, freshes, and protects from potential date rape



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    Mysterious stranger buy you a drink? Sexy? No. Suspicious? Yes.

    Their motto is: "Not just an accessory... a necessity for all modern women."   And UK beauty brand, 2 Love My Lips, has come up with a lip gloss that really claims to do it all. It provides sheer glossy color, with mint breath freshening flavor, plumping power... and a rape drug detector.

    Excuse me?

    Granted we're not all going out at night, counting on the goodness of other people, and rarely thinking that perhaps that guy in the Brooks Brothers oxford just send us a Ketamine-laced Vodka Tonic. But in the age of the Craigslist Killer, we can't help but be a little bit pessimistic and paranoid.

    So, 2 Love My Lips might be onto something, teaching girls to be on guard as often as they reapply their lip gloss. Their website is a smattering of rape facts, tips, and statistics - enough to scare away most of us to the convent for good. But then you scroll down and read the names and color descriptions of their plumping, breath-freshening lip gloss, with a contradiction that doesn't exactly scream "safety first."

    "Sophisticated Coffee," a nude mocha, claims to be "seductive, stunning and classy... She will always get what she desires."

    "Passionate Pink," more of a ruby red, "is feisty, tantalizing, captivating, and mysterious - a bit of a wild child. She is sexy, fun, and likes to party."

    And best of all, "Charismatic Cherry," who is "gorgeous, sassy, bewitching and devilish. She loves to be wined and dined and always gets her man..."

    ...until he tries to feed her a GHB cocktail. Then she dumps the drink, shakes a mighty fist of lip gloss in his face and storms out.

    The 2 Love My Lips line definitely has its heart in the right place but their product descriptions sound more like the Backdoor ads in the Hartford Advocate.

    Regardless, we're interested to see how well the product works. The gloss itself doesn't react to date rape drugs, just the strip cleverly hidden on the packaging. 2 Love my Lips instructs you to discreetly drip a drop from your straw or finger of your drink and if the strip turns dark blue, get the heck out of there!

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work on most of the bar. Milk-based cocktails, tonic, and fruit juices will throw the tester off.

    The gloss is only available in the UK right now, but according to it's Facebook page, it is making the way to US markets and the bar scene soon.