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2/15: Party Like It's 1912



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    They may have been King and Queen of the World, but you can actually see the real thing at a new Titanic exhibit starting tonight at Foxwoods.

    RETURN TO 1912:  For nearly 100 years, the tragedy of the Titanic has captured the imagination of people around the world. Starting tonight, you can get an up-close look at more than 100 artifacts salvaged from the wreckage of the ship at Foxwoods.  In "Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition,"  visitors are brought back in time, as each person receives a replica boarding pass of an actual passenger aboard the ship. (Think anybody will trade their Kate and Leo cards?) Then, they begin a chronological journey through the life of the ill-fated vessel, moving from construction, to life on board, to the ship's tragic demise and the amazing artifact recovery efforts. And that's just the beginning. Tickets are $20. The exhibit will be in town through June 13. 

    DESTINY TURNS ON THE RADIO: Back in 2006, three classically trained, award-winning tenors formed the group Destino. Canadian vocalists Leon Leontaridis, Paul Ouellette and Joey Niceforo each had established careers, performing pop, opera, gospel, soul, R&B, jazz and musical theatre. But together, they turned their talents toward creating pop music with an operatic flair. Tonight and tomorrow night, you can see Destino's pop-era music at the Garde Arts Center in New London. Tickets are $50.  Show is at 7:30 p.m.

    POWER TRIP:  Looking to unwind after a long Monday? And let's face it, who isn't? We won't use the term "Case of the Mondays," cause we just won't, but sometimes Mondays are just a little tougher than the other days of the week. That's why you need a little power boost from time to time. Check out Morton's in Hartford for the Power Hour. Starting at 5 p.m., you can get an after-work deal that includes $4 beers, cocktails and wines, along with special menu offerings like their prime sirloin burger with fries for just $15.