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4/2-4/4: Bands, Burlesque and Basketball



    Screening Mammography: What's Your Excuse?
    Jonathan the Husky is ready for the Final Four. Are you?

    DOUBLE DOWN:  Head to in New Haven this weekend for a little old school drama (and we're talking really old school).  "The Servent of Two Masters" is playing at the Yale University Theatre.  The comedy tells the story of Truffaldino who tries to earn double pay and double meals, by serving (yup, you guessed it, two masters at once).  You'll never laugh so hard at something written in 1743.  Tickets are $35-$82.  Click here for show-times and more info. 

    FANS OF BURLESQUE:  The East Coast premiere of the musical "Fandance:  The Legend of Sally Rand" is playing this weekend at the Downtown Cabaret Theatre in Bridgeport this weekend.  The musical follows the life of burlesque star Sally Rand.  Back in the days of Vaudeville, Rand was discovered by Cecil B. DeMille, but lost her life in movies when talkies came to be (those lisps will get you every time).  So, to keep off the streets during the Great Depression, Sally saw an ad for exotic acts, and the rest (as you'll see) is history.  Tickets are $32.50-$39.50.  Friday, 7:30pm; Saturday 5:30pm and 8:30pm.

    YOUR BIG BREAK?:  Looking for a life in pictures?  Head to Real Art Ways in Hartford Saturday night to be a part of an honest to goodness music video.  New York City indie band You Scream I Scream needs some extras (kids and grown-ups) as they shoot the video for their new song "High Maintenance," of their debut album, "Bug in a Light."  Here's the premise; the band is coming to Hartford to film a mock premiere and you can be part of the action.  And who knows, it could be the start of something big.

    CHRISTMAS IN APRIL?:  We're used to seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra touring with their Christmas spectacular.  But what do they do in the off-season?  No, they don't go to Hawaii with Santa.  Head to the Bushnell in Hartford Friday night to see TSO on their 2010 spring tour.  The group will perform "Beethoven's Last Night," which musically tells the story of the composer dealing with the devil on the night he composed his classic Tenth Symphony.  Tickets are $48.50-$58.50.  8pm.

    FINAL COUNTDOWN:  The end of the college basketball season is in sight, and this weekend, we're finally down to the Final Four.  Saturday it's the guys, then Sunday the UConn women lead the women on the road to the title.  And are you going to hunker down and watch the games from home?  We didn't think so.  Why not head out to watch the games with your buddies.  Should you choose, you can catch all the tourney action at Damon's Tavern in Hartford.  The games will appear on over 40 HDTVs, while you enjoy some great bar food and drink specials.  And if we do say so, Go Butler!!  Way to bust every bracket but ours!!

    ROCKING STEADY:  The Elm City tonight is playing host to rock band The Hold Steady.  The boys from Brooklyn are taking the stage at Toads Place in New Haven Saturday night.  The band is touring in support of their fifth studio album, "Heaven is Whenever," which is set to be released in May.  The Oranges Band is also on the bill.  Tickets are $22.  7pm.