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ESPN Eats Up A Local Fan Favorite Diner

The Main Street Diner's taking center stage



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    Customers had to find another diner counter to sit at, as ESPN took over a local fan favorite.

    One thick vanilla malt, a turkey club with extra bacon on whole-wheat toast, an order of greasy French fries and a side of creamy coleslaw.  Getting hungry, huh? 

    But alas, for those who had gone to Plainville’s famous Main Street Diner to order some, that just wasn’t possible, thanks to the folks at ESPN.

    Our sporty neighbors in Bristol had shut the joint down while they filmed segments for an upcoming SportsCenter series called “Fan Fest.”  The 10-day series will feature things that sports buffs absolutely have to do or see in their lifetimes – a sort of bucket list for sports fans.

     “We hope that viewers see the series as a celebration of sports,” said Mike Shiffman Senior Coordinating Producer for SportsCenter, “and we chose Main Street Diner because it really gave us the feel of an old fashioned, American diner.”

    Although it was closed to hungry fans, the producers filled the booths with extras, and had homemade dishes displayed on the counters and tables.

    “They’ve used us in the past on Mike and Mike in the Morning, said Pamela Dimock, the Manager of Main Street Diner. “It was really interesting, especially seeing the curiosity of the patrons driving by.”

    Owners Frank and Kathy Loukoumis purchased the diner last year and redecorated it with retro countertops, barstools and booths that look sparkling new – just a few of the things that attracted ESPN to the site.

    Throughout history, diners have been deemed the original icon of the American road. Now, one of CT’s own can call itself an icon of the American court… or field…or rink… or track…

    The “Fan Feast” series will air for two weeks, from July 13-17 and July 20-24.