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Imagination Means Tasty Treats for Cake Customers



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    A Little Imagination Cakes
    This pickle jar cake is one of the interesting requests that Hope Wright-Martell gets.

    If you can imagine it, chances are that Hope Wright-Martell can make it out of sugar. That’s the beauty behind her new cake shop that is coming soon to Middletown.

    Appropriately named A Little Imagination Cakes, the cakes that come out of here are anything but ordinary and Wright-Martell does it all herself.

    Just like her cakes, Wright-Martell got into the industry in a very untraditional way. She never went to pastry school. Instead, a contest and a challenge that started it all.

    Pushed to enter a local cake decorating competition, Wright-Martell entered her “Finding Nemo” masterpiece and the rest is history.

    “It was gigantic and we won. After that people, started asking me to make cakes for them,” Wright-Martell said.

    That was four years ago and now the orders for new and wacky designs keep rolling in.

    “We get orders for things like pickle jar cakes,” Wright-Martell said. “I have a wedding cake order for a cake that looks like the Super Mario Brothers. We sort of do things a little differently.”

    In the past few years, Wright-Martell has made about 300 cakes. But how does she come up with all the ideas?

    The creative baker said that’s part of the adventure. She works hand-in-hand with customers to cater designs to their needs, but always offers her experienced advice.

    “It’s really interesting and a lot of fun. It’s nice to see the look on their faces. They can imagine what their cake is going to look like, but they never really know.”

    Among her most prized creations is an impressive replica of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, but for Wright-Martell it was an orange dump truck that really took the cake.

    “It was for a little boy whose life revolved around trucks, so that’s a great one. It’s my favorite,” she said.

    Although fun to make, each cake requires hours of work and preparation. A smaller cake can take up to 15 hours over three days, while wedding cakes can take up to 30, depending on how complicated the design is. For Wright-Martell, it’s well worth the time.

    “I was an executive assistant for seven years of my life. Now I wake up and I don’t feel like I’m going to work. It’s a creative outlet for me. I can do it all day, every day and never get tired of doing it,” she said.

    Until the official opening of A Little Imagination Cakes, the only way to snag a Hope Wright-Martell original is by appointment. But call fast, according to Wright- Martell the orders are coming fast. And it’s no wonder:

    “Everyone loves cake. Cake is awesome,” she said.

    Learn more on her Facebook page.