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Mango Pancakes with Mango Lassi



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    4 Mangoes - Cut into 8 uniform strips, 1/2” in width
    2 Cups Pancake Batter
    4 oz. Whole Butter
    Maple Syrup, Powdered Sugar & Fresh Berries - as needed for garnish

    For the Lassi:

    Mango trimmings from the Pancake recipe
    1 cup plain Yogurt
    ½ cup Milk
    4 t. Sugar
    ¼ t. Ground Cardamom

    1. Dip Mango Strips into Pancake Batter. Coat well and sauté in hot butter over medium heat until pancake is uniformly brown and mango center is soft. Serve with Syrup, Powdered Sugar and Fresh Berries.
    2. Put all Lassi ingredients in a blender and blend for 2 minutes. Pour into individual glasses. Sprinkle with additional Ground Cardamom if desired.