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More Than Incredible Burgers and Dogs! Breakfast Too



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    Liz Kinnmark
    New restaurant offers breakfast, anytime, and cheap.

    Breakfast has always been known as a great way to start the day, but only for those “early-risers.”

    Now, UConn students are able to begin the day with breakfast at any hour. Even if getting out of bed before noon is not an option.

    Less than two weeks new to the UConn campus, Incredible Burgers and Dogs boasts a constant breakfast menu, contrary to its name.

    Among their self-proclaimed “incredible hamburgers and hotdogs,” the restaurant also offers French toast, pancakes and Belgian waffles, all for under $5.

    Manager Debbie Cipriani describes business as “wonderful” so far.

    “Everyone loves breakfast, no matter the time. The ‘Pobo’ sandwich has been the most popular item so far. It comes with egg and potato on a roll with a choice of meat, cheese,” Cipriani said.

    Unlike any other campus restaurant, Incredible Burgers and Dogs was open 24 hours a day for UConn’s notorious Spring Weekend. The restaurant plans to open every weekend for 24 hours in late- August, just in time for the fall semester, Cipriani said.

    Incredible Burgers and Dogs offers delivery and take-out options, but customers should consider dining in and taking advantage of the restaurant’s large flat-screen TVs and spacious grill-side marble counter.

    In addition to breakfast, Incredible Burgers and Dogs lives up to its name and offers innovative versions of the American barbecue classics.

    Customers can indulge in “Rippers,” which are deep-fried hot dogs or slider burgers for a mere cost of $1.35 each.

    Dessert-lovers on a budget are sure to adore three deep-fried Oreos for $1. These crispy, sweet morsels are served on a paper plate and drizzled with chocolate-syrup and powdered sugar. Health-freaks, stay away!

    Despite the cheap and unique menu items, UConn students feel a bit mislead by the restaurant’s title.

    “I was very deceived by the name of the restaurant. They do not offer traditional burgers, just sliders,” Jeff Greenspan, a UConn senior, said.

    Located at 134 North Eagleville Road, Incredible Burgers and Dogs is the third new restaurant to open at UConn this semester.

    Next-door neighbor, Senor Pepe’s, credited with “bringing UConn one step closer to Mexico,” has seen a great deal of success and student taco-hype so far.

    With both restaurants offering items under $2, UConn students definitely have their fair share of cheap munchie-suppliers on-campus.