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Norwalk $250 Chocolate Truffle Gets Dubai's Attention



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    Chef Fritz Knipschildt, CEO and founder of Chocopologie, makes the La Madeline au Truffe.

    The wealthiest people in the world satisfy their chocolate cravings in a rather surprising place.

    It's a mom-and-pop type shop in South Norwalk called Chocopologie that's known for its sweet and savory combinations.

    And soon, people in the United Arab Emirates can shop at Chocopologie when the second shop opens.

    The 6,700-mile distance between shops wasn't intentional, the Hartford Courant reports. It came about thanks to a web search for the world's most expensive chocolate.

    Middle Eastern investors chose the small shop after conducting a Google search of the phrase "the world's most expensive chocolates," the Courant reports. At $250 for a chocolate truffle, the investors wanted Chocopologie.

    Now with a $4 million financing from those investors, Chef Fritz Knipschildt, CEO and founder of Chocopologie, will open a second shop in July in Dubai.

    The investment to license the name includes 3,400 square feet in retail space.

    Knipschildt's former general manager from South Norwalk will oversee the second store.

    In Dubai, he expects to sell $500,000 worth of wholesale chocolates annually to the store.

    Knipschildt Chocolatier currently sells his chocolates wholesale through Whole Foods, Dean & Deluca and other retail outlets.

    Beyond Dubai, Knipschildt is negotiating expansion of Chocopologies to Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Lebanon. 

    (Knipschildt Chocolatier does offer many less expensive chocolates, including a $6 Valentine Delight, a $25 rose truffle box and hot chocolate and coffee sticks for $3.50 and $4.)


    • Weight: 42 grams
    • Ingredients: dark chocolate, classic ganache and a French Perigord truffle
    • The ganache is made using 71 percent single bean Ecuadorian dark chocolate mixed with fresh cream that has been infused with vanilla pods and pure Italian truffle oil.
    • The ganache is then shaped around the French Perigord truffle (the truffle alone costs up to $1,000 per pound/454
    • grams), then dipped in 71 percent single bean Ecuadorian chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder.

    See how it's made: