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Summer Iced Tea Sorbet



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    Makes Approximately 1 Quart

    For Sugar Syrup

    • 1 Cup Sugar
    • 1 Cup Water

    Combine in a saucepan, stirring to dissolve, and bring to a boil on high heat.

    Turn off, and allow to chill fully. There will be extra syrup for future sorbets.

    For Sorbet

    • 3 Cups Brewed Tea (any favorite), cooled 
    • 1 Cup Sugar Syrup (approximately - the amount varies depending on the sugar and content of each juice - see method of determining correct sugar content below)
    • Fresh Lemon or Lime Juice to taste

    In tall, narrow container, like a large iced tea glass, pour in your brewed tea of taste.

    Now, place a well washed whole egg gently into the mix. It should sink to the bottom. Gradually pour in sugar syrup until the egg begins to float. Continue until the egg shell floats and the surface the size of a dime is exposed over the top of the tea mix. This is correct sugar density for sorbet. If less than a dime sized circle is exposed, add more sugar, if more is exposed, add a little water.

    Flavor to taste with a dash of lemon or lime juice, or even raspberry vinegar if desired. Remember, that the mix will taste a bit duller when frozen since our taste buds are a bit numbed when the mix is frozen. 
    Pour this mix into an ice cream/sorbet maker and freeze fully according to manufacturers directions. Transfer mix into small plastic containers leaving no air, cover and store in freezer to fully freeze. Serve garnished with some fresh fruits that go with the sorbet and a mint leaf. Enjoy!

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