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“Today’s Wedding” Features Cheshire Cake



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    When Melissa McMillin, 21, and Jeremy Gebhardt, 22, get married on the Today Show, they will be dining on one of Connecticut’s best cakes.

    Viewers had four wedding cakes to choose from and picked “Classic Romance,” by Ana Parzych Custom Cakes, based in Cheshire.

    Ana said she condensed seven days of work into four days to make the couple’s cake.

    “It was an honor. I was happy to do it,” Parzych said.

    The cake has four flavors: white Tahitian vanilla cake with strawberry and vanilla mousseline, dark chocolate cake with chocolate mousseline and bittersweet raspberry ganache, spice cake with apricot preserves and dulce de leche, white Tahitian vanilla cake with Grand Marnier mousseline and fresh raspberries.

    One of the elements McMillin loved is that the cake incorporates the Air Force Emblem in the center.

    Gebhardt serves in Air Force and the Missouri couple was separated for years while he was overseas.