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Adding Artistic Flair to New Haven's Storefronts



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    A new project in New Haven could transform storefronts like this one.

    Storefronts in New Haven are about to be spruced up.

    The Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) in New Haven is announcing a pilot program called "Project Storefronts".

    It is a way to encourage artists and ‘creative entrepreneurs’ to start up art-related retail stores in the city with little or no cost.

    The DCA is matching local art and business entrepreneurs with local property owners of vacant storefronts to negotiate low to no cost use of the empty spaces. The artists will get a stipend of up to $500 to build up the space, get signs, set up lights and anything else they would need to set up the store, according to a release from DCA. 

    The goal of the project is to attract long-term tenants to the buildings by bringing the public to view the stores, and attract people who want to own the space permanently, and help boost the economy.

    There will two groups of these storefronts. One group will be located in downtown New Haven, while the other will be in a neighborhood commercial area.

    The next information session will be held at the New Haven City Hall in Meeting Room #2 on April 30 at noon. A second session will be held May 20 at 5:30 p.m. at the same location.

    Artists or property owners that want to participate can contact the Department of Cultural Affairs on its website.