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Politicians Rule the Roost on Raising Urban Chickens

Great clucking news for chicken lovers



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    Heeeeere chicky, chicky, chicky...

    Proving that all politics is really, really local, the New Haven Board of Alderman Tuesday night spent a great deal of time approving "urban poultry legislation," reports the New Haven Independent.

    Congratulations, New Haveners! You can now raise up to six hens (not roosters!) in your backyard. Awesome.

    Alderman Roland Lemar emerged as the "Chicken Champion" for his support of the comprehensive legislation that includes strict requirements on hen houses.  Other alders suggested requiring urban chicken farmers to seek permission before setting up coops.

    From the sound of it, a great deal of time and expert opinion went into the crafting of the legislation. As it stands, coops must be at least 15 feet away from human residences.

    The Independentreports:  "As the lengthy discussion drew to a close, some aldermen burst out clucking noises when the motion to vote on the ordinance was finally made."

    And if you are interested in ruling your own roost as an Urban Chicken-er, this may be the place to start.