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Happy Slurpee Day

Each 7/11 we honor 7-Eleven's legacy product



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    When in doubt mix all available flavors in the slurpee machine.

    Forget the Fourth. Today we celebrate Free Slurpee Day – a saccharine tribute to the true bedrock values of our nation: convenience and consumption.

    In honor of 7-Eleven’s 82th birthday the chain plans to give away nearly five million cups of its legendary quasi-frozen sodas, which come in such flavors as: Mountain Dew Voltage Freeze, Fanta Pina Colada and Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red. Each drink comes with an instant win code toward one of 711 cash prizes or reduced-price concert tickets from Live Nation.

    Don’t forget to pick up yours at participating 7-Elevens.

    The drink has a storied history. Company man Bob Standford coined the term “slurpee” in 1967 to describe the 28 degree treat, according to 7-Eleven’s website. It’s hard to believe, but the first slurpees were not self-serve.

    How far we’ve come.

    In 1927, the first 7-Eleven opened shop on a suburban Dallas ice dock as “Southland Ice Company.” Lazy customers of that era could only buy bread, milk and eggs. There were no Garbage Pail Kids for sale back then, let alone edible straws for a drink that had yet to be invented.

    On July 11, 2002, 7-Eleven inaugurated an annual holiday for the Slurpee.

    One problem remains: free drinks only come in 7.11 ounce cups.

    We should demand 44 ounces.