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Runway Fashions Visit the Shore

Really (really) skinny jeans and Sui's fit won't flop.



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    MUSCLE TONING MUKLUKS... We've never been a fan of the FitFlop, Shape-Up's ... pretty much any ugly product that supposedly tones your calf muscles as you walk. However, when we heard Anna Sui was jumping on board to create a pair of boots for FlipFlops, we were somewhat intrigued. The result was the Shakoha, a sherling, suede, star studded ankle boot that looks like a cross between Uggs and Sacajawea. Not for our taste, but we could see the appeal, especially since it means we can reap the benefits of "leg-toning" footwear without wearing bowl-shaped soled Sketchers. Available in three colors, the shoe will be available exclusively online starting November 10 through Net-A-Porter.

    OUR CONCEALED WEAPON... Have you heard of the brand Hello! Skinny Jeans? The denim that vows to be "thigh-slimming, stomach-flattening, buttocks-shaping, leg-lengthening" and has even made it onto Oprah's list of faves? Want This can't wait to try on these so-called miracle jeans which from the extra large chart of pictured "proof" they posted on their website, looks like they really might do what they say. Plus they come in clean simple washes, no embarrassing tags ("HELLO! These jeans make me look way skinner than I really am!") and classic fits, so they'll be timeless for diets cometh and goeth in the future. Hello's website has custom online ordering (you can pick your size, wash, inseam to make them perfectly tailored for your new taught bod) but we also heard Ella on Broad Street in Guilford just got in a shipment.