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Save on Thanksgiving



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    Roast turkey with accompaniments

    Rising grocery store costs are expected to put a damper on the Thanksgiving feasts nationwide.  From the turkey to the dressing, the average dinner is predicted to go up about 6 percent.

    Whether you shop at Stop & Shop, Big Y, Stew Leonard's, Whole Foods or another place in Connecticut, dietitians at Saint Louis University found ways to cut your grocery bill without cutting out the fun.

    • Making your shopping list a week in advance to give you time to search for coupons and sales.
    • Don't try to serve it all. Serve a protein ( turkey ), one starch ( potato dish ), one vegetable and one dessert.
    • Use frozen vegetables when you can to save money. They're less expensive and have the same nutritional value as fresh vegetables.
    • Buy the whole bird. Usually it's cheaper to pick up a whole turkey rather than buy the pieces separately. 
    • Know serving sizes. Make sure you're not cooking too much and overspending.