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Clean Up Underway, Thousands Remain Without Power After Severe Storms Move Through Conn.

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Cleanup is continuing after summer storms thundered across the state on Tuesday and thousands of people are still without power.

As of 1 p.m., Eversource was reporting more than 3,100 customers without power.

The damage reports are scattered across parts of the state.

In South Windsor, a tree sliced through a roof on Cliffwood Drive. Neighbors said fortunately the family wasn't home and nobody was hurt. Another tree is blocking Miller Road and Farmstead Drive.

Tree removal contractors drove up and down the streets surveying the damage and getting to work while neighbors hoped the lights would come back on.

"It's pretty extensive damage all the way from where I worked to here all across East Windsor, South Windsor," said Matt Glick, of South Windsor.

In Enfield, a tree came down on a home and car on Belle Avenue. The homeowner was inside with her daughter and granddaughter cooking dinner when it hit.

"We heard a big crash and I saw leaves start to go in front of the door and the windows," she said. "There's a big hole in my ceiling."

This is the second time a tree has fallen on that home in under a year.

In Bristol, crews shut down Stafford Avenue because of a tree on power lines.

Candice Stone was out with her kids when the storms hit. She said when she looked outside the sky was black and trees started coming down. The store they were in lost power.

“It was bad. It knocked their bikes over on the walls and the lines were smoking. Trees down everywhere," she said.

Cleanup is underway in Bristol and Plainville after severe weather Tuesday.

In Bristol, a few thousand customers lost power. As the sun started to set, Eversource reported its crews would be working through the night and into Wednesday to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

In Plainville, a tree came down on a condo building.

"I saw the wind was blowing pretty good and then I heard a loud thud," Greg Boucher, who lives just off Route 10, explained.

Boucher says the tree fell from one property, across another and then hit a condo building on a third property. While it appears everyone is OK, at least one unit was damaged.

Storm Damage Tuesday, July 6, 2021

There is another chance for storms in the evening tonight, with the greatest chance between 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. A heat advisory remains in effect with highs expected near 90.

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