Dry, Breezy Conditions Result in High Fire Danger

Spring fire season is underway with two brush fires breaking out in Tolland early this week. The lack of snow the winter and the lack of rain as of late has lead to high fire danger across the state.

According to the Connecticut Division of Forestry, our first "high" fire danger alert was issued on February 24th. Not only was it issued much earlier in the year, but we've also seen more consistent and consecutive "high" fire danger days.

In years past, not only has the first "high" first danger day occurred later in the season, there are typically fluctuations from day to day with "low" and "moderate" fire danger days.

Dry conditions and steady wind increases the risk of fire danger. So far for the month of March, we have picked up 0.15" of rain for the Hartford area, which is 0.96" below normal. Today will be dry once again but thankfully wind will start to subside in the afternoon.

Measurable rain is back in the forecast on Friday with 0.50"-1.00" of rain expected.

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