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Bright Fall Foliage Expected in Connecticut This Year; Peak Starting in Mid-October

All of this hot and humid weather may have Connecticut residents looking forward to fall, and we should be in for a treat when it comes to fall foliage this year.

It’s actually thanks to all of the rain we’ve had lately. The weather we see over the summer largely dictates the foliage we’ll see in the fall.

The foliage last year, while still beautiful, was a bit muted because of the extreme drought we were experiencing this time last year. Now the plus side to last year was that the foliage season lasted a little longer. Leaves started changing earlier in the season because of the dry weather. So while this year is expected to be a bit shorter, it’s also forecast to be that much brighter.

“With all the rain we’ve had this summer the trees are going to stay green longer right in through September and folks may be wondering when the leaves will change or if they’ll change. And they will, it will in October,” said Chris Martin, Director of the Department of Forestry for the Department of Environmental Energy and Protection.  “I think a lot has to do this year with overnight temperatures. End of September, we really need some overnights in the upper 30s to get the trees to start turning colors.”

Of course when the days start getting shorter that chlorophyll breakdown will start, but the cooler weather plays a big factor in when trees start to turn as well. So if all goes according to plan, and we don’t have an unusually warm fall, peak foliage is expected here in Connecticut Oct. 9-11 for the northwest and northeast hill towns, then working south toward the shoreline by mid-November. And an important reminder, make your plans now to see the foliage.

Fall tourism in Connecticut books up very quickly.

For more information on the fall foliage report just visit https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Forestry/Foliage/Connecticuts-Fall-Foliage.

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