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Firefighters Urge Residents to Clear Fire Hydrants

With parts of the state picking up nearly 20 inches of snow some fire hydrants are snow-covered.

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Fire Departments across the state are asking residents that have fire hydrants in front of their house or business to make sure they're clear.

Fire Captain Justin Lawton from the Occum Fire Department in Norwich says, "It's very important if you have a fire hydrant in front of your house to keep it clean. It's one of your responsibilities as a homeowner to make sure it's clear for the fire department." Captain Lawton went on to say it cuts down on response time and allows firefighters to fight a fire a lot quicker.

Firefighters say it should only take a couple of minutes to clear the snow around a fire hydrant, but that's time you don't want them to have to take during a real fire. According to fire professionals, a fire can double in size every 30 seconds to a minute.

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