First Alert 1 Is an Unrivaled Piece of Equipment

First Jeep in the nation to be outfitted as a television truck

It's beautiful on the shoreline this time of year, but in a couple of months the shoreline will be ground zero for powerful wintertime nor'easters.

That's where First Alert 1 comes in. Since the truck hit the road this May it’s been turning heads and dominating severe weather across Connecticut.

With First Alert 1, meteorologists can track temperature, humidity and wind speed anywhere in the state.

The Jeep also has Connecticut’s only mobile radar and satellite transmission capability. It was the first Jeep in the nation to be modified into a television truck.

While First Alert 1 looks cool on a sunny day, snow, sleet and ice is what the truck was really built for.

No matter what the weather brings this winter, First Alert 1 will allow our team of meteorologists and forecasters to bring live, local weather to your neighborhood like no one else can.

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