Hurricane Isaias

FIRST ALERT: Isaias Likely to Strengthen to a Hurricane Sunday

Connecticut remains in the cone of uncertainty for possible impacts by late Tuesday

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Isaias weakened to a tropical storm Saturday evening but could likely strengthen back into a hurricane on Sunday.

The tropical storm is bringing with it wind speeds of 70 miles per hour. Isaias would become a Category 1 hurricane with wind speeds of at least 74 mph.

NBC Connecticut First Alert meteorologists have issued a First Alert for Tuesday and Wednesday for possible impacts from Hurricane Isaias.

The storm is expected to come very close to the east coast of Florida. The storm will then have some interaction with land as it moves close to the Carolinas. How much interaction with land will dictate how strong the storm is when it arrives here.

The timing of the impacts would be Tuesday into early Wednesday. Rain, heavy at times looks likely. Several inches of rain is possible. The wind impact is still to be determined.

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