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Ice Dams Could Cause Homeowner Headaches

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Even though Monday's winter weather wasn't the worst we've seen this season, all the cold temperatures, ice and snow have created trouble for homeowners.

It’s that time of the year when you start to notice it: ice dams forming on your roof. And with warmer weather in the forecast, now is the time to be proactive.

As winter winds down and temperatures start to rise, rapid melting and rain can cause big headaches for homeowners.

“When it hits a frozen edge at the end of the roof, it starts to back up under the layers of the shingles,” explains John Bachand or J.P. Bachand Contracting. “And that’s when they can get leaks inside.”

Ice dams like this form when the snow melts and refreezes around your gutters, giving water nowhere to go.

While it’s best to keep up with the snow throughout the winter and remove it with a snow rake as it falls, if you do find yourself with ice around your gutters, you can try and apply ice melt made specifically for roofs around the dams, but it’s best to call a professional to remove it.

And it’s not just your roof you should clear off.

 “Whether it’s the gutters and the leaders on the house roof or you might have yard drains in your yard, make sure it’s open because the snow creates a dam around everything and if it gets wet on top of it, it will start settling in the low spots which is usually right around the house and foundation,” said Bachand.

A problem that is easier to prevent now than fix later.

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