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Man Survives Lightning Strike in Canterbury

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At around 4 p.m. on Monday, Steven Marshall of Lisbon was working in the garage on a family farm in Canterbury.

Storms moved in and that kept Marshall from leaving the garage.

At the moment Marshall went to flip the light switch a lightning strike hit. He was sent to the ground, still conscious but complaining of chest pain and tingling in his hands and feet.

"I felt it clamp my hand on the fender I grabbed my chest and next thing you know I was on the ground," he told NBC Connecticut.

His mother in law called 911 and first responders from the Canterbury Fire Department raced to the scene. He was transported to an area hospital where they checked his extremities and performed an EKG to make sure his heart rhythm.

"They took my boots off check my feet exit wounds checked my hands hooked me right up to an EKG to monitor my heart rhythm the biggest thing they said is you can knock your heart right out of rhythm without even knowing it," he said.

Marshall was eventually released from the hospital and feels grateful and lucky to be alive.

"I honestly think I have some very good guardian angels watching over me. It definitely gives you more light on the subject of how dangerous lightning really is."

On average 51 people die from lightning strikes each year in the US. Remember if you hear thunder it's important to head inside. The best place to be is near the center of a structure avoiding exterior walls and windows.

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